Academic & Personal Growth

We heavily enourage fellows to grow academically in the field of Emergency Medicine.

We heavily encourage fellows to grow academically in the field of Emergency Medicine, Emergency Medicine Ultrasound, and to grow professionally. The following are suggestions to rapidly develop a deep knowledge base in the field:


Scan journals for emerging EM ultrasound applications. We encourage the fellows to scan the monthly abstracts to Academic Emergency Medicine (AEM), Annals of Emergency Medicine, Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine, Critical Care Medicine, and Emergency Medicine Journal. Free access to all of these is offered through the Becker Library at WUSM.

Online resources

These websites include:,, Emergency Ultrasound Podcast (
The provides 2 FREE ibooks that will form the basis of the readings and curriculum. Fellows should consider obtaining an RSS reader for quick perusal of topics. We also encourage the fellows to follow several FOAMeD web sites such as LITFL and ALiEM.

EM US Section Library

Dr. Shipley has a library worth of ultrasound textbooks and we will ask fellows to review specific chapters by topic each month.

Simulation assets

Venous cannulation mannequins and gels as well as SonoSim.