Emergency Medicine Information Technology Services

Welcome to the Emergency Medicine Division Information Technology Services page. This page is designed for the internal client and groups with secure server access. In a continued effort to provide quick access to information and web based tools, this site supplies a number of resources directly to you.

Service Request Portal

You may submit requests for any of the following:

  • Research feasibility inquiries
  • Research studies
  • Follow-up conference presentations
  • Quality Improvement studies
  • Administration (billing, operations, residency) inquiries

Guideline for Patient Data Request and Management

To request a new report, please use the ECRC Service Request Portal.

EM Ultrasound Section

To view EM Ultrasounds visit Q-path

NPPA Review

Groups Reports Links
NPPA NPPA Review Details NPPA Review Details
NPPA NPPA Review Summary NPPA Review Summary


Residency Resident Procedure Counts Resident Procedure Counts
Residency Provider Procedures Provider Procedures
Residency Provider Procedure Counts (Admin) Provider Procedure Counts (Admin)
Residency Attendance (Admin) Attendance (Admin)
Residency Conference Attendance Conference Attendance
Residency Conference Attendance (Admin) Conference Attendance (Admin)
Residency Conference Attendance Hours (Admin) Conference Attendance Hours (Admin)

EM Admin

Groups Reports Links
EM ADMIN Provider Addenda Bonus Provider Addenda Bonus
EM ADMIN Provider Procedural Sedation Provider Procedural Sedation
EM ADMIN NPPA Review Details (Admin) NPPA Review Details (Admin)
EM ADMIN NPPA Review Stats (Admin) NPPA Review Stats (Admin)
EM Admin PL by Mission PL by Mission
EM ADMIN Provider PL by Mission Provider PL by Mission
EM Admin Employee Info Employee Info


Groups Reports Links
Billing Abstractor Audit Abstractor Audit
Billing Charge Detail Report Charge Detail Report
Billing Charge Write Off Report Charge Write Off Report
Billing CPT Code CPT Code
Billing DocumentationIssuelReport Documentation Issuel Report


Groups Reports Links
Special Provider Addenda Hits Provider Addenda Hits
Special Provider Addenda Hits (Admin) Provider Addenda Hits (Admin)

Support Services

Emergency Medicine Web Updates – Email: sarah.pruett@wustl.edu

For Data Request related questions contact, Julie Ziegler – Email: Julie.Ziegler@wustl.edu

Emergency Medicine Division – EMIT Services, Email: cits-emit@email.wustl.edu

Washington University CIT Services Webpage CIT Services Phone Ext. 27798

BJH Helpdesk Support – Phone Ext: 24700


WUSM Mail BJC Access


1. Account Setup:  Julie Ziegler
2. Application Installation:  CITService Desk 314-362-7798

VPN (client)