Emergency Medicine Informatics, Applications, and Analytics (EMIAA)

(Formerly known as EMITS)

Welcome to the EMIAA services page. This page is designed for the internal client and groups with secure server access. In a continued effort to provide quick access to information and web based tools, this site supplies a number of resources directly to you.

Service Request Portal

To request a new report, please use the ECRC Service Request Portal.

You may submit requests for any of the following:

  • Research feasibility inquiries
  • Research studies
  • Follow-up conference presentations
  • Quality Improvement studies
  • Administration (billing, operations, residency) inquiries

Guideline for Patient Data Request and Management

EM Ultrasound Section

To view EM Ultrasounds visit Q-path

EM Reports

Support Services

For Data Request related questions cits-emit@email.wustl.edu


Washington University WUIT Services Webpage / 314-933-3333 / ithelp@wustl.edu

Washu 2FA (Duo) https://connect.wustl.edu/2fa/SECURE/Manage.aspx

Washu VPN https://it.wustl.edu/items/connect

BJC Helpdesk – 314-362-4700