Washington University Emergency Medicine Leadership in Emergency Medicine Diversity Scholarship (WUEM LEaD)

We are excited to accept applications to Washington University’s Leadership in Emergency Medicine Diversity Scholarship. We are proud to partner with the Washington University School of Medicine’s Office of Diversity Program in this new venture. We are strongly committed to promoting diversity, inclusion, and cultural sensitivity within our division and believe that doing so is critical to executing our mission of providing exemplary health care to all who are in need with efficiency and compassion. We seek all individuals who can bring their diverse experience not only to our program but to our patients and community as well. Examples of these types of diversity would include but are certainly not limited to: historically underrepresented ethnicities in medicine, those who may be socio-economically, or educationally disadvantaged, and any others whose backgrounds and experiences would bring the diversity described above.


How to Apply:  

Individuals interested in applying should submit the following documentation:

In addition, you can see what the faculty and residents that you will be working with have been up to at our news section. Finally, for more information on our School of Medicine’s diversity initiatives take a look at Washington University School of Medicine Office of Diversity Programs website.