With our diverse patient population, high volume and high acuity, WashU Emergency Medicine offers an unparalleled training environment for medical students, residents and fellows.

Through research and teaching, we develop future generations of physicians with the knowledge, skills and values to provide exemplary health care with efficiency, empathy, compassion and competence.

Large, diverse patient population

When you join WashU Emergency Medicine, you’ll:

  • Train in a Level 1 Trauma Center with one of the highest ED volumes in the state.
  • Treat patients from all walks of life, including urban, suburban and rural, and of varying age, race, ethnicity and socioeconomic status.
  • Be exposed to a wide variety of trauma, disease and comorbidities — from the common to the rare and complex — all of which provide outstanding clinical growth, career preparation and research opportunities.

Culture of mentorship

Our collaborative, inclusive environment and culture of mentorship support you through every stage of your career.

  • Faculty are accessible, dedicated to teaching and focused on each trainee’s success.
  • You’ll train in an environment where you’re challenged but supported as you learn and grow.
  • In addition to helping you become an excellent emergency medicine physician, we emphasize teaching and leadership. These skills are critical to thrive in emergency medicine, which requires a team-based approach every single shift.

Multidisciplinary collaboration

At WashU Medicine, collaboration is the norm.

  • You’ll be part of a community of preeminent physicians, scientists, educators and scholars at one of the largest academic research centers in the country.
  • We have 76 clinical specialties and subspecialties and are renowned for basic science and clinical research in every area of medicine.
  • In every clinical area, you learn from faculty mentors who are world leaders in their fields — helping you to become a well-rounded emergency physician who can confidently care for any patient.

Balanced lifestyle

As a lifestyle specialty, we emphasize wellness and work-life balance.

  • Trainees form close, supportive relationships with each other and with faculty and staff, becoming part of one big family.
  • From parks and the outdoors to sports, food and family-friendly attractions, St. Louis is a fun, vibrant city in which to live, work and learn.
  • St. Louis’s relaxed culture and livable size offer a less stressful lifestyle, allowing the adrenaline junkies of emergency medicine a chance to wind down after each fast-paced shift.

Medical student clerkship

Visiting medical students see a wide range of patients and perform common EM procedures, gaining hands-on experience from day one.


Our four-year residency emphasizes leadership and teaching, with built-in exploration and flexibility so you can find your perfect career path.


With eight fellowships to choose from, you’ll learn from world-renowned faculty and become an expert in your selected specialty.

“When any patient comes into any ER, it’s usually on the worst day of their life. They want empathy, compassion and competence. WashU Medicine tries to train this. If we can deliver on these things, people will be well cared for and feel well cared for.”

Brian Bausano, MD, Vice Chair for Clinical Affairs; Associate Professor, Emergency Medicine