We are happy to offer an Emergency Ultrasound (EM US) Fellowship here at Washington University in St. Louis. Over the next year you will learn all there is to know to become an Ultrasound Director at any institution.

Our ultimate goal is that you become not only a director in Emergency Medicine Ultrasound, but also a leader in the field of Emergency Medicine. This curriculum is an outline of your goals and expectations during the fellowship. To that end we intend that you become a “good citizen” for the specialty of Emergency Medicine and subspecialty of Emergency Medicine Ultrasound.

Interested applicants should contact:

Sean Stickles, MD

Assistant Professor, Emergency Medicine

Learn more about the Ultrasound Fellowship at Washington University School of Medicine

How To Apply

WashU US seeks inquisitive self starters to join our fellowship


What you can expect from our program


What a general learning schedule may look like during your fellowship.

Current/Past Fellows

Meet our Emergency Medicine and Ultrasound fellows, who come to St. Louis from around the U.S.


Fellows will receive direct informal feedback on a weekly basis.

Academic & Personal Growth

We heavily enourage fellows to grow academically in the field of Emergency Medicine.