Dr. Chandra Aubin Receives AWN Mentorship Award

Dr. Chandra Aubin was recognized at the quarterly Academic Women’s Network (AWN) meeting on 12/1/2021 for her ongoing dedication to the mentorship of individuals and their academic and professional growth in medicine. Through clever engagement, witty interpersonal interactions, and a genuine compassion for the day to day challenges faced by young professionals she has developed […]

Enyo Ablordeppey Graduates from K12 MTIS Training Program (Links to an external site)

Dr. Enyo Ablordeppey is in the second class to graduate from the K12 Mentored Training in Implementation Science Program. She is joining the program as a faculty member and expert on de-implementation science. Dr. Ablordeppey’s research focuses on the gaps in critical care ultrasound applications, specifically procedural and diagnostic ultrasound, on clinical outcomes, clinician perceptions, […]

Dr. Chandra Aubin to receive MOCEP RR Hannas Physican of the Year

Dr. Chandra Aubin was selected to receive the Missouri College of Emergency Physicians’ (MOCEP) R.R. Hannas Physician of the Year Award.  The Award is presented annually to the physician who best exemplifies the spirit, skill, and dedication of America’s emergency physicians. More information about the award and past recipients can be found here.