The foundation of The Larry Lewis Emergency Medicine Health Policy Symposium is Implementation Science with a focus on raising awareness as a catalyst to enable positive adaptations to interdisciplinary healthcare delivery.  Each symposium focuses on regionally and nationally important health policy issues while fostering sustainable evidence-based solutions with academic rigor.  It is the intent of the symposium committee to use the annual symposium as a springboard from which to initiate further research and education; and find partners with whom to collaborate on the particular topic chosen.

The 2017 Symposium was on the opioid crisis and 2018 Symposium addressed emergency department based initiatives to reduce firearm injuries, particularly as it relates to self harm. The 2019 symposium discussed wellness and restoring the joy in medicine. The three symposia have led to sustained interdisciplinary efforts in research and implementation of best practices to address these issues (see below for links).

The health policy series is named for Dr. Lawrence Lewis.  Dr. Lewis was instrumental in starting the modern-day Division of Emergency Medicine and emergency medicine residency at Washington University.  In addition to his work as an emergency medicine physician, he is active in the community to improve emergency care delivered in St. Louis city, as well as the state of Missouri.