The Larry Lewis Emergency Medicine Health Policy Symposium is founded on Implementation Science, focused on catalyzing positive insight and progress in interdisciplinary healthcare delivery.   Each symposium concentrates on regionally and nationally important health policy issues while fostering sustainable evidence-based solutions with academic rigor.  The planning committee aspires to use the annual symposium as a springboard from which to initiate further research and education and identify collaborative partners on the topic chosen.

Prior symposium included the opioid crisis in 2017, (2017 Symposium), emergency department initiatives to reduce firearm injuries, (2018 Symposium), wellness with a commitment to restore the joy in medicine, (2019 symposium ) and application of mobile integrated health (2020 Symposium.)  In 2021, the symposium series was paused due to ongoing restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic.  In 2022, the Larry Lewis Symposium will focus on complex care. (2022 Symposium)

The health policy series honors and recognizes Lawrence Lewis MD, FACEP.  Dr. Lewis was instrumental in starting the Division and now Department of Emergency Medicine as well as the emergency medicine residency at Washington University.  In addition to his work as an emergency medicine physician, he is active in the community to improve emergency care delivered in St. Louis city, as well as the state of Missouri.