Emergency Medicine and Emergency Care Research Guided Experience (EMERGE)

June 10 to July 19, 2024

$2,500 stipends and housing provided

The EMERGE program at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis is a six-week program offered to medical students to provide an introduction to emergency care research and emergency medicine careers. 

Students will be paired with emergency medicine faculty to complete an emergency care research project. 

Didactics focused on emergency care methodology and career pathways will be combined with shadowing opportunities in both clinical and clinical research environments. 

EMERGE program goals

  • Provide program participants with a foundation in emergency care research. 
  • Convey emergency medicine research career options to program participants. 

EMERGE program mentors conduct research in the following areas and will be paired with program students according to the student’s research interests:

  • Stroke 
  • Respiratory failure 
  • Sedation 
  • Immune response to respiratory infections 
  • COVID/Influenza vaccine effectiveness 
  • Gun violence prevention 
  • Patient safety and quality 
  • Implementation/de-implementation science 
  • Emergency ultrasound 
  • Emergency procedures 
  • Cardiac arrest 
  • Opioid use disorder 
  • Traumatic brain injury 
  • Social determinants of health 
  • Simulation 

Program Benefits 

  • Participants will receive a $2,500 stipend for the six week program. 
  • On campus housing will be provided by the program. 
  • Program will provide some meals at didactic sessions and program events. 

Application Information 

Please following these steps to apply:  

  1. First, fill in application intake form and return to emergeprogram@wustl.edu as soon as possible. 
  1. One letter of recommendation is required. Please ask whoever you choose to directly email the letter of recommendation to emergeprogram@wustl.edu as soon as possible, but before April 30, 2024. 
  1. Submit the Application Essay form along with the following:
    • Curriculum vitae/resume  
    • Medical school transcript

Please note that all application materials must be received no later than April 30, 2024.  Candidates will be notified by May 15 if chosen to participate in the program.

Note: If deadline has passed and you are interested in applying, please contact the EMERGE program coordinator (Allyson Artis at artis@wustl.edu) to determine if a late application can be accepted.