Research Fellowship Overview

The goal of our SAEM approved Emergency Medicine Research Fellowship Program (EMRFP) is to train Emergency Physicians to be successful independent researchers.

The two year program culminates in a Master’s of Science in Clinical Investigation (MSCI) degree, and is geared to have the trainee develop and submit a competitive K award grant proposal.

Having access to a large, diverse group of highly successful mentors and scholars from different disciplines provides unprecedented opportunities for innovative and informative research and a broad-based educational experience for research trainees.

Since the inception of the program, our graduates have had an excellent track record of funding success, with a total of 134 federal grants including 58 K awards and 15 R awards.

EM investigators at Washington University are working collaboratively with investigators from other departments on the basic mechanisms of neuronal injury (Dr. William Dribben), and the role of fibroblast growth factor in cardiac injury and re-modeling (Dr. Stacey House).

Regarding clinical research, we have active projects in critical care (Dr. Holthaus, Dr. Fuller, Dr. Osborn), geriatrics (Dr. Carpenter), health policy & administration (Dr. Griffey, Dr. Lewis), patient safety (Dr. Griffey), traumatic brain injury (Dr. Naunheim, Dr. Lewis), and neurologic emergencies (Dr. Panagos, Dr. Heitsch).

To be eligible for consideration for the Washington University Emergency Medicine Research Fellowship, all candidates must either have completed an emergency medicine residency and be board certified or board eligible in emergency medicine or have a Doctor of Philosophy degree and have demonstrated a previous interest in emergency care research (including areas such as critical care, resuscitation, acute illness and injury).

Stacey L. House MD
Associate Professor and Fellowship Director
Emergency Medicine

Emergency Medicine Research Fellowship at Washington University in St. Louis Overview

  • Consistently among the top 20 research universities in the United States
  • Nationally and internationally known research mentors across more than a dozen clinical and basic science specialty areas
  • 2-year fellowship culminating in a Master’s of Science in Clinical Investigation
  • 80% Protected time (4 clinical shifts a month)
  • Competitive salary
  • Research infrastructure which includes office space, laboratory space, research and administrative personnel

Interested applicants should contact:

Stacey  L House, MD, PhD

Stacey L House, MD, PhD

Vice Chair for Clinical Research; Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine; Director of Emergency Care Research Core; Director, Emergency Care Research Fellowship;

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