Below is a collection of speaking events for the Division of Medical Toxicology at Washington University. Many of our faculty and fellows are regularly invited to speak in venues locally, regionally, and nationally.

Dr. David Liss- “Does Patiromer Bind Lithium? An In-Vitro Study”

Jack Basse discusses treatments and outcomes of non-native snake envenomations in the US.

Dr. Ari Filip discusses Fomepizole as and adjunctive therapy for acetaminophen poisoning.

Please navigate here for a lecture by Dr. Kevin Baumgartner on “Treatment of Opioid Use Disorder in the Hospitalized Patient” presented at Saint Louis University, Department of Psychiatry- Grand Rounds.

Dr. Ari Filp & Michael Semple presenting at ACMT National Journal Club

Dr. Mike Mullins presenting at ACMT National Journal Club