EM Residents Class – PGY I

Shiraz Cassim

Shiraz Cassim, MD


Hometown: Berkeley, CA 
Medical School: Albany Medical College, Albany NY 
Undergrad: Dartmouth College, Hanover NH 
Hobbies: Cooking, sci-fi, keeping things sharp, archery 
Superpower: Spicy food tolerance 
Kryptonite: Being bombarded by social media 

Sarah Flores

Sarah Flores, MD


Hometown: Greensboro, NC  
Medical School: University of Virginia School of Medicine 
Undergrad: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 
Hobbies: Baking and sampling local sweet treats, exploring the parks of Saint Louis, tennis, traveling with my partner, drawing, taking care of my cat, Buttons. 
Superpower: Creating beautiful interior design on a budget. 
Kryptonite: Spicy foods and the current sriracha shortage. 

Will Freeman

Will Freeman, MD


Hometown:  Warner Robins, GA 
Medical School:  Washington University in St. Louis 
Undergrad:  Washington University in St. Louis 
Hobbies: Skiing, hiking, powerlifting, cooking, woodworking, exploring St. Louis coffee shop and restaurants 
Superpower: I love trying out new recipes and try to cook two new ones every week. 
Kryptonite: Terrible hospital coffee 

Taylor Harrell, MD


Hometown: Indianapolis, IN 
Medical School: Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai 
Undergrad: Spelman College 
Hobbies: Reading, cooking southern soul food, word games, collecting body sprays and candles, finding restaurants with “the vibes” 
Superpower: Sleeping 12+ hours on my off days 
Kryptonite: The promise of a good time with friends (FOMO is real). 

Camden Kurtz

Camden Kurtz, MD


Hometown:  Staunton, VA 
Medical School:  Virginia Tech Carilion SOM 
Undergrad: James Madison University 
Hobbies: Mountain biking/cycling, running, snowboarding, surfing, really any sport involving a board, reading, basking in the sun, traveling  
Superpower: Non-discriminately slamming alarming quantities of tasty food and/or caffeine, particularly if it’s free 
Kryptonite: I had a bad concussion in fourth grade and after a few weeks finally regained my appetite on Thanksgiving Day. Naturally, I guzzled down my grandma’s sweet potato casserole, but then I got nauseous again and regurgitated it in her lap – once my favorite, sweet potato casserole still disgusts me to this day. 

Blaise Loughman

Blaise Loughman, MD


Hometown: Nineveh, PA & Pittsburgh, PA  
Medical School: Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Dublin, Republic of Ireland 
Undergrad: University of Pittsburgh (Emergency Medicine) 
Hobbies: Lumberjacking, Aviation, Rugby, Dungeons and Dragons, Cocktails, Video Games 
Superpower: Remembering useless facts
Kryptonite: A crippling addiction to Monster Energy

Kenzie McKnight

Kenzie McKnight, MD


Hometown: Indianola, IA 
Medical School: University of Iowa 
Undergrad: University of Iowa 
Hobbies: Soccer (and most other sports), making art, crossword puzzles, camping, spending time with my dog and cat, video games. 
Superpower: Cleaning even when I am completely exhausted 
Kryptonite: Anything Halloween related. Love a good horror movie, haunted houses, collecting cute little ghosts 

Rachel O'Dell

Rachel O’Dell, MD


Hometown: Hanford, CA 
Med School: Wayne State School of Medicine 
Undergrad:  Florida Gulf Coast University 
Hobbies:  Reading, Sewing  
Superpower: Indomitability  
Kryptonite: Cats (no seriously, deathly allergic) 

Matt Olocco, MD


Hometown:  Arlington, VA 
Medical School: Virginia Commonwealth University 
Undergrad:  University of Minnesota, Twin Cities 
Hobbies: Skateboarding, biking, plants, traveling, camping, Elden ring, Thai food. 
Superpower: Back smith grinds  
Kryptonite: Nathan Fielder and John Wilson  

Christine Shepler

Christine Shepler, MD


Hometown:  Logansport, IN 
Medical School:  Indiana University School of Medicine 
Undergrad:  Indiana University Bloomington 
Hobbies: Cooking, playing tennis, hanging out with my dog 
Superpower: Cutting at least 30 minutes off my driving time when driving long distances 
Kryptonite: Brownies 

Katie Stuart

Katie Stuart, MD


Hometown: Farmington, MO 
Medical School: Saint Louis University  
Undergrad: Truman State University  
Hobbies: hiking, playing piano, crochet  
Superpower: making small talk with strangers 
Kryptonite: anything sweet 

John Verhey

John Verhey, MD


Hometown:  Dover, NH 
Medical School:  Indiana University School of Medicine 
Undergrad:  University of New Hampshire 
Hobbies: Cooking, Trying New Restaurants, Video/Board Games, Bar Trivia, Drag Race (not the one with cars) 
Superpower: Remembering every minor detail about any reality TV show I’ve watched 
Kryptonite: First Shift 

Sierra Vohsen

Sierra Vohsen, MD


Hometown: O’Fallon, MO 
Medical School:  Saint Louis University School of Medicine 
Undergrad: Rockhurst University (Kansas City, MO) 
Hobbies: Animal rescue, concerts, blues games, Cardinals games, reading, spending time with friends, volleyball. 
Superpower: Saving dogs and cats across MO 
Kryptonite: Ulta and sad puppies 

Amanda Wickert

Amanda Wickert, MD


Hometown: Omaha, NE 
Medical School: University of Nebraska Medical Center  
Undergrad: University of Nebraska Omaha 
Hobbies: Home renovations, landscaping/gardening, fishing 
Superpower: Learning how to fix almost anything with reddit and/or YouTube.  
Kryptonite: Early mornings, finishing drywall