Ongoing projects

The ED-SED Pilot Trial

This is a NIH-funded (1 R34 HL150404-01) pilot trial conducted at three sites. It aims to examine the feasibility of targeting light sedation in the ED for mechanically ventilated patients, in order to improve clinical outcomes going forward.


Awareness with recall of paralysis is a feared complication for patients in the operating room, and is associated with the development of post-traumatic stress disorder, which can be terrifying and refractory to treatment. Despite hundreds of thousands of patients undergoing rapid sequence intubation and mechanical ventilation annually in U.S. emergency departments, a rigorous examination of awareness with paralysis (AWP) has not been conducted. The ED-AWARENESS Study is a 383-patient prospective, observational cohort study aimed at examining the incidence of AWP in mechanically ventilated ED patients at a single center.

Academic Commitment

Clinical and academic involvement inside and outside of the institution also drives research hypotheses and productivity. Dr. Fuller is a member of the Shock Society and the Society for Critical Care Medicine. He also serves on the Editorial Board for SHOCK ( and is an abstract reviewer for the Society of Critical Care Medicine annual congress ( He has also served as a peer reviewer for the leading critical care and emergency medicine journals, including Critical Care Medicine, SHOCK, Journal of Critical Care, Annals of Emergency Medicine, Academic Emergency Medicine, and Critical Care.