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Medical Student Ultrasound Elective

This rotation will focus on ultrasound and all of it’s many applications and uses in the Emergency Department. Students will participate in the performance of bedside ultrasound of patients in the Emergency Department. Common applications of Emergency Ultrasound include the FAST exam, pelvic ultrasound, Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA), vascular access, renal, gallbladder, and DVT. In general, the student will be in the Emergency Department during weekdays to perform these exams. Students will not be involved in direct patient care during this rotation. Students will have access to a lecture bank of the common applications.

In addition, the student will meet with the Ultrasound Director 1-2 times/week to review images and have direct hands-on instruction. At the end of the rotation the student should have gained the knowledge of basic Emergency Ultrasound including its indications and applications; as well as becoming more adept at the performance of ultrasound. Additional data can be found here.

Outpatient: 80%

Conferences/Lectures: 20% / 100%

Primary Care: 40%

Subspecialty Care: 60% / 100%

Average number of patients seen each week: ~25 ultrasounds/week

On-call/weekend responsibility: none

Who is responsible for major teaching: Laura Wallace, MD,

Contact Person: Christy Cox – Phone: 273-0233

Office Location: Barnard Building, 8th floor, Phone: 747-4156, Fax: 314-362-0478 Campus Box 8072

Weeks offered (refer to enclosed calendar): Weeks 1,5,9,13,17,21,25,29,33,37,41

Capacity per period: 1 upper level student per period; more than 1 may be considered on a case by case basis

Location to report: on first day of elective interval Emergency Department, Barnes Jewish Hospital

Time to report: on first day of elective 10am

Laura Wallace, MD

Laura Wallace, MD

Assistant Professor, Emergency Medicine