Brent E. Ruoff, MD

Brent E. Ruoff, MD

Associate Professor, Emergency Medicine


  • B.S., Chemistry, Summa cum Laude, Graceland College, Lamoni, Iowa, 1977
  • M.D., St. Louis University School of Medicine, St. Louis, Missouri, 1981


  • Residency, Department of Internal Medicine, St. Louis University Medical Center, St. Louis, Missouri, 1981-1984
  • Chief Medical Resident, Department of Internal Medicine, St. Louis County Hospital, 1984

Licensure and Board Certification

  • Missouri
  • Iowa
  • American Board of Internal Medicine, 1984
  • American Board of Emergency Medicine, 1991; recertification 2001, 2011
  • ATLS Certified


  • Emergency Medicine Residency Golden Apple Award (Outstanding Lecturer), 2001
  • Emergency Medicine Residency Golden Apple Award (Outstanding Lecturer), 2004
  • Emergency Medicine Residency Golden Apple Award (Outstanding Lecturer), 2008
  • Richard Brand Award for support of Physical Therapy, Washington University School of Medicine, 2013
  • Distinguished Faculty Award – Distinguished Clinician, Washington University School of Medicine, 2014

Recent Publications

Peer Reviewed Manuscripts

  1. Lewis, L, Ruoff, B, Rush C, Stothert J: Is emergency department resuscitation in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest victims who arrive pulseless worthwhile? Am J Emerg Med 1990; 8(2):118-120
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Book Contributions

  1. Pearson, A, Ruoff BE: Prosthetic Valve Emergencies. Fourth Edition. In: Schwartz et al, eds., Principles and Practice of Emergency Medicine. Lea & Febiger, 1999.
  2. Ruoff, BE, West, OC: Radiology of the Cervical Spine. First Edition. In: Schwartz and Reisdorff, eds., Emergency Radiology. McGraw-Hill, Inc., 2000.
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