Richard Griffey Lab

Dr. Griffey’s research interests include safety and quality and the impact of information systems on theses areas, evidence-based imaging, health communication, organizational performance and implementation science.  His major area of focus is on patient safety and quality.  Under this umbrella, specific areas of interst include evidence based imaging, health literacy, and quality improvement.  He has led and contributed a range of studies that explore gaps in quality and safety in the ED, evaluation potential interventions he developed to close these gaps (particularly using computerized interventions) and assessing approaches to measure quality in the ED.   Currently, he is working to test and refine a trigger tool for the emergency department that he developed.

Principal Investigator:
ED Trigger Tool
Multicenter ED Trigger Tool
Health Literacy in the ED: randomized control trial of Teachback CT

Study Site co-investigator:

The goal of this project is to refine, automate and test a novel tool that will detect patient harm and help direct improvement efforts.  His training and experience is safety science, quality measurement and health services research provide him with a solid foundation to conduct his work.