Journal of Rural Emergency Medicine

Issue #2

Submersion Injuries and Drowning in the Rural ED
An Introduction to Traumatic Injuries & Environmental Hazards on the Farm: Part I Tractors – What the Heck is a PTO
Defining “Rural” – What’s In a Name?
A Descriptive Study of TBI Patients and Their Transfer Within the State of Alaska
ACEP Open Wide the Gates
JREM Rural Spotlight – Idaho

Issue #1

Celebrating Birth of JREM_Primrose JREM Issue1
EBMRural Practitioner_JREM Issue1
Intro to JREM Issue1
Rural EM Workforce_JREM Issue1
Malpractice as Barrier to Rural EM_JREM Issue1
Surviving Rural Cardiac Arrest_JREM Issue1
Stigma of Rural EM_Leap JREM Issue1