Daniel Theodoro Lab

Our lab’s overall focus is to examine the role that point of care ultrasound (POCUS) plays in acute care. Our early work demonstrated feasibility and applications of novel ultrasound technology to acute emergency conditions. Our goal was to demonstrate that ultrasound, in the hands of emergency physicians, was feasible and advantageous. Along the way we incorporated ultrasound applications used in other fields during non-emergencies and brought them to the trauma bay.

The application of ultrasound to emergency care required an enormous dedication to training, innovation, and flexibility. Since our lab’s earliest demonstrations in traditional trauma settings, POCUS’ impact on resuscitation and procedural guidance has grown enormously. During this transitional phase we set out to examine the impact of ultrasound on patient safety specifically events surrounding the placement of central venous lines while our patients were in the Emergency Department. At present we continue to focus on safety enhancements made possible by POCUS. Our hope is to demonstrate that POCUS can play an enormous role in elevating the human condition during times of emergency.