What you can expect from our program

Sample Master Lecture Calendar

Length of Fellowship:

24 months (26 four week blocks)

Curriculum (conforms to ACGME Critical Care Medicine Fellowship training requirements of Anesthesiology and Internal Medicine):

Total clinical ICU Blocks (multi-disciplinary mix) = 18-20 blocks
MICU: 6-8 blocks
SICU: 5-7 blocks
CTICU: 4-6 blocks
CCU: 1 block
Neuro ICU: 1 block

If in the CCM tract, you will also complete the prerequisite/required Medicine time not obtained during EM Residency training.

Selectives = 3 blocks (Mix of required electives: Interventional Pulmonary/Bronchoscopy, Nutrition, Palliative Care, Ultrasound, Surgical Airway, etc)
Electives = 3-7 blocks (Independent tailoring to interests)
Required Educational / Research / Administrative / QI responsibilities
Required completion of a Scholarly Activity