This program is a collaborative effort between the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Emergency Medicine at Washington University School of Medicine, and the St. Louis City Department of Health. The goal of Project PREPARE is to increase the preparedness of St. Louis City and County for the possibility of a bio-terrorism attack with anthrax by providing anthrax education and a voluntary anthrax vaccination program to emergency personnel.

There are 3 parts to Project PREPARE:

  1. A voluntary, anonymous survey to better understand the knowledge and attitudes of emergency personnel.
  2. An educational presentation prepared by the Department of Homeland Security Countering Weapons Mass Destruction Office.
  3. A voluntary anthrax vaccine program to improve the immunity of emergency personnel in the event of an anthrax attack.

We value your service and dedication to our community and hope that Project PREPARE will help you be more prepared to respond to an anthrax attack


The Project PREPARE Team

Contact Us

Jessica Pogue

O: 314-273-2513

Alt: 314-747-4510


First Responder Vaccine Initiative information sheet

Over 1600 Emergency Personnel have received Anthrax education and over 1100 Emergency Personnel have received the vaccine.

Engaged Sites:

  • Abbott Ambulance
  • Affton FD
  • Antonia FD
  • Ballwin PD
  • BJH ED
  • BJH Security
  • Chesterfield PD
  • Christian EMS
  • Christian ED
  • Clayton PD
  • Crestwood PD
  • Community FD
  • Creve Coeur FD
  • Eureka PD and FD
  • Fenton FD
  • Ferguson PD
  • FBI
  • Flo Valley FD
  • Glendale PD
  • Hazelwood PD and FD
  • Kirkwood PD and FD
  • Ladue FD
  • Maplewood PD and FD
  • Metro West FD
  • MO Baptist ED
  • North Jefferson Ambulance
  • Overland PD
  • Richmond Heights PD and FD
  • RockHill FD
  • Rock Community FD
  • Rock Township Ambulance
  • Saline Valley FD
  • Shrewsbury PD and FD
  • St. Charles Health Department
  • St. John’s PD
  • St. Louis FD
  • St. Louis University Public Safety
  • St. Luke’s ED
  • Town and Country PD
  • Mercy ED
  • MetroLink Security
  • Missouri State Emergency Agency
  • University City FD
  • Valley Park FD
  • Washington University Security
  • Washington University School of Medicine
  • Webster Groves FD
  • Washington University Public Safety