Hawnwan P Moy, MD

Assistant Professor, Emergency Medicine


  • B.S., Molecular Biology: Benedictine University — Lisle, Illinois 2004
  • M.D., Loyola Stritch School of Medicine — Maywood, Illinois 2008


  • Residency: Barnes-Jewish Hospital 2012
  • Chief Resident: Barnes-Jewish Hospital/St. Louis Children’s Hospital 2012
  • Emergency Medical Services Fellowship: University of North Carolina — Chapel Hill, North Carolina 2013

Licensure and Board Certification

  • Federal Emergency Management Agency IS-100HC, 346, and 700a
  • Advanced Trauma Life Support, July 2016
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support, 2015
  • Basic Life Support, 2015
  • Advanced Wilderness Life Support 2016
  • Board Certified in Emergency Medicine 2023

Honors and Awards

  • Medtronic Travel Grant, 2013
  • Knowledge to Action Fellowship (KTAF), 2011
  • Chief Resident, Washington University School of Medicine, Division of Emergency Medicine, 2011-2012
  • Howard Hughes Medical Institute Scholarship, 2003, 2004

Recent Publications

Peer reviewed manuscripts

  1. Eifling K, Moy HP. Evidence-Based EMS: Psychological First Aid: What’s the best we can do for those who are suffering mentally? EMS World. 2015 Jul;44(7):32-34.
  2. Lybeck A, Moy HP, Tan D. Double Sequential Defibrillation for Refractory Ventricular Fibrillation: A Case Report. Prehospital Emergency Care. 2015 May 13.
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  4. Moy HP, Andino A. Evidence-Based EMS: Endotracheal Intubation. What Does All the Evidence Say About ETI Before the Hospital? EMS World. 2015 Jan;44(1):30-2, 34.
  5. Curfman D, Connor LT, Moy HP, Heitsch L, Panagos P, Lee JM, Tan DK, Ford AL. Accuracy of Emergecy Medical Services- Reported Last Known Normal Times in Patients Suspected with Acute Stroke. Stroke. 2014 May;45(5):1275-9.
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  8. Mohr NM, Fuller BM, Skrupky LP, Moy H, Alunday R, Micek ST, Fagley RE. Clinical and Demographic Factors Associated with Antipyretic Use in Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock. Ann Pharmacother. 2011 Oct;45(10):1207-16.

Invited Publications

  1. Kroll M, Moy HP, Schwarz E. (2014, November) “Ditch the Spine Board.” Emergency Physicians Monthly.
  2. Beck EH, Beeson J, Bourn S, Bruning M, Craig A, Goodloe JM, Moy HP, Myers JB, Racht EM, Tan DK, White L. “Principles for Establishing a Mobile Integrated Healthcare Practice.” Redflash Group. October 2014.
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