What you can expect from our program


The fellowship educational curriculum follows the guidelines and expectations set by the Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship Accreditation Council (EUFAC).  This includes robust, regular lectures; proctored and independent scanning shifts in the ED; monthly journal clubs covering important landmark papers as well as newer impactful studies; and recommended core textbooks and other references.

Vital signs—

Duration of fellowship: 1 year

Clinical duties: ~14 hours/week in the ED (this may include supervising EM and rotating residents), monthly faculty meeting

Fellowship duties: 3-5 hours/week image review 3-5 hours/week,  4-8 hours/week scanning  in the ED, 2-5 hours/week research project work,  monthly journal club (~2-3 hours).  Fellows are expected to perform a minimum of 1000 scans during their fellow year.

Education: Fellows are required to actively engage in education of our residents and rotating medical students.  This will involve teaching during scan shifts and periodic resident conferences, in addition to the sporadic ultrasound courses.

Research: Fellows are required to participate in a research project during their fellow year.  Ultrasound faculty will help with developing ideas and methods, write-up, review, and submission.

Publication: Fellows are required to work toward successfully completing 1 publishable manuscript/case report during their fellow year.  Ultrasound faculty will help with this process as well.

Evaluations: Fellows will be provided a written twice per year, in the Fall and in the Spring, to discuss progress, areas of excellence and areas of improvement, and help with career planning.

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