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Dr. Osborn has multiple peer-reviewed publications. She has published works with co-authors both nationally and internationally who are affiliated with institutions such as Harvard Medical School, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Erasme University Hospital – Belgium, Royal Perth Hospital – Australia, Friedrich Schiller University – Germany, University of Maryland, and University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Osborn’s publications have over 2,000 views, 2,700 full text downloads and 2,100 citations in multiple types of publications. Her RG score is 26.81 and her h-index is 14, placing her within the top 5% of EM researchers in the United States. Dr. Osborn has also been the editor of two textbooks of critical care for emergency physicians. She is currently a reviewer for Critical Care Medicine, Academic Emergency Medicine and Annals of Emergency Medicine. She is also on the Editorial Board for the Scientific World Journal. You can view a list of Dr. Osborn’s publications on pubmed, Google Scholar and ORCID.

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Ongoing Research Projects

Protocolised Management in Sepsis (ProMISe)
Trial consultant in ongoing government funded RTC with 48 sites over 3 countries under Kathy Rowan, PhD (Chief Investigator).

International blood transfusion study

DOD funded study on mechanism of action and outcomes of TXA

Protocolized, Early, Echocardiographic Resuscitation (PEER): Pilot Study