Our goal is to make you an excellent, well-educated Intensivist

Fellowship Educational Program

Our Fellowship offers a plethora of clinical, didactic, and research educational opportunities.

Attendings from our various ICU’s are world-renowned Educators and Researchers in an assortment of CCM fields. They offer bedside teaching pearls on shock, mechanical ventilation, disease pathophysiology, acute stabilization and resuscitation optimization, antimicrobial therapy, and ethical considerations, to name a few.

Our required didactic lecture series has 5 hours of lectures each week for the Fellows.

We have a novel Multi-disciplinary Critical Care Lecture Series (MDCCLS) that draws in Attending experts from Pulmonary, Anesthesiology, Acute Care Surgery, Emergency Medicine, Toxicology, Ultrasound, etc. to provide evidence-based education for our Fellows.

The Fellows are also involved with creating mini-lectures to provide daily educational opportunities for the rotating Housestaff. The Fellows are required to take the annual Multi-disciplinary Critical Care Knowledge Assessment in-training exam to help identify any knowledge gaps and prepare for board examination. This overall experience allows our Fellows to complete their Fellowship with a deep breadth of knowledge regarding the critical care medicine specialty. Our goal is to make you an excellent, well-educated Intensivist.