Emergency Medicine Informatics, Applications and Analytics (EMIAA)

EM reports

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Division ReportsResidency Program Reports
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Request portal

To request a new report or data, please use the EMIAA Request Portal. You may submit requests for any of the following:

  • Research feasibility inquiries
  • Research studies
  • Follow-up conference presentations
  • Quality improvement studies
  • Administration (billing, operations, residency) inquiries

Guideline for Patient Data Request and Management

EM ultrasounds

To view EM ultrasounds, visit Q-path.

Support services

For data request-related questionscits-emit@email.wustl.edu


Washington University IT:  WUIT Services Webpage / 314-933-3333 / ithelp@wustl.edu

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BJC Helpdesk: 314-362-4700